Thank you.

I love the idea that we take this opportunity to start over - not re-start - but with all of the tools in our arsenal today; and all that we have learned. Can’t we as a country use eminent domain in the area of tech for the greater good?

Your idea that Labor > Capitalism lends itself to People > Property and has been nagging me. I have been thinking we need a strong HR department, for the people. Our org structure and many of our documents are out dated simply because they were written by affluent white men. A really long time ago. Lots of other people live here now. Instead of adding amendments through due process, could we not redline and simplify in LESS words not MORE?

Ahhh. Thank you for the inspiration and stimulation this morning. You rock.

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Thank you for this gift. I can't wait to keep reading.

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This is a gift. Thank you.

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I was sent your post as a recommended read after a conversation I had and she wasn't wrong to pass it on. Thought provoking and, for me, just a lovely read with so many perfect sentiments and of course some fab photography! Thank you for taking the time to write it, I for one, will look forward to the next one, whenever that may be.

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Hi Rishad!, I find very interesting this post. Every day I will try to find if after this pandemic situation the people will really change. And I assume than lots of habits will change, but not the essential behavior of the people. This is my big doubt now a days regarding this point.

If you want, please see this interview (sorry is in spanish from an argentinian news paper) with a philosopher that believe that this pandemic will not be an inflection point for the humanity".


Thanks for your post.



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As always, a thought-provoking, relevant read.

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