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Since the future of marketing is people, it seems fair to ask what kind of people in marketing best know how to relate to and motivate other people. Not sure the "full stack marketer" is that person, although he clearly has a lot to give. I'm just thinking that the industry needs more poets, more anthropologists, more taxi drivers.

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I agree! I am a geographer, developer and geospatial expert who fell into marketing. As a CMO, I rarely hired marketing only people. I fear the trend to push marketing down into a digital and event marketing team is hurting the push to elevate it to the exec level.

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A very enthusiastic yes to taxi drivers. Where is old Steph Goss when you need him?

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Loved the art selection in this piece.

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Hmmm. A lot of good stuff here. Totally agree about focus on people not consumers. Industrial Designers have been thumping that tub for decades, carrying out ethnographic research (i.e. Just hanging out with people talking to and observing them).

But may I question the phrase "Marketing should be the engine that makes the motorcycle throb". That seems to be everyone's cry these days, feeling left out and wanting to be at the centre of the influence. I've heard branding people, UX people and even HR people saying "we should be (the driver/on the board/the centre that brings it all together/the glue/the engine)" < insert your favourite "I have the most important impact on the success of a company" phrase here.

Do you think there's actually a bigger problem here than marketing not being powerful enough?

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Agree if this was about marketing departments.

What i meant and may not be clear is that given that marketing is about experience, employee joy, design and much more this does not say the marketing department but marketing broadly which includes pretty much every aspect of the company focussing on people.

Glad you liked the piece and your comment is correct with regard to everyone wanting to be the center these days probably because they do not feel heard and appreciated.

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