Time! Many are attributed to this quote but it was an old fisherman who first told me that "time is god's way of keeping everything from happening all at once. " The most amazing thing about that quote is that it turns out to be literally true. I was shocked while reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking because I realized that quantum physics was proof that the old fisherman's quip was a brilliant insight. I hope this comment has not wasted anybody's time. ;-)

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Sorry you were shocked while reading, “ A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking because you realized that quantum physics was proof that the old FISHERMAN’S quip was a brilliant insight and you hope your comment had not wasted anybody’s time.;-)

So this book was one of the rare books sold by Crown Bookstores. I was willing to read it too and had seen elements in “A Brief History of Time “science and physics going back to books.

The outward picture of the front cover had a black hole on it !

The thought of outer space was so fascinating to me plus I this was when I was in elementary school learning basic grammar and mathematics!

This helped me to succeed or keep me roped in around my family.

I was completely hooked into the book where its prime example was empowerment !

A real American dream to explore physics and before and after stories!

Very interesting memory trunk in the garage and the book is in my trunk now!

Kind of reading it trained me to respond to machine learning and supportive of scientific research.

Stephen Hawking beginning writing from his wheelchair whole big, deep dive visiting “A Brief History of Time “ researched by Stephen Hawking has more pages to be read it’s not funny!

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Oct 29, 2023Liked by Rishad Tobaccowala

Hi ... I really enjoy reading your weekly threads. I’m retired, and have been since 2007, and although I am no longer in a “business”, I try and apply some of your ideas to my business of “retirement”. This latest article on Time hit close to home. I think I’ll try and determine a way to apply the ideas to retirement. I find that some many articles on retirement are either patronizing or tell people to slow down and enjoy life. I sure wish someone could write articles about retirement the way you write articles about people and business. Thanks.

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I'm 65 and semi-retired myself. The older I get the more value I get from investing time into my fitness. There is no fountain of youth but exercise comes closest. I just avoid running, these old knees bark too much when I do that. Haha!

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Thanks for your inspiring article, I love the way you defined time. Besides, I totally agree with you about those ways of applying time like a successful man.

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Thank you, and givers also tend to be more successful than receivers in the long run. "It is in the giving and not the getting, in the helping and nurturing, that many people find the deepest joy."

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